Sunday, December 19, 2010

Updates galore!

My dear friends, thank you so much for all the cards, letters, gifts and emails.  I went into the hospital on 9/11/10 and once they got in there it turned out to be much worse than the MRI's suggested.  It turned out to be a major surgery. (fusions, rods, discs, etc) The doc says a 12 month recovery time. physically  and emotionally it has been too much and I could not even blog or read blogs.  I have missed you so.  I have been a traveling.  LOL First, St. Francis Hospital, then Hughston Hospital, them Emory.  6 surgeries later I am now home.  Slow but home.  Hey the good side, I have lost 35 pounds so the heck with all that exercise stuff they talk about. I have been bedridden.  LOL  The doctor says 12 months of recovery time. It has been 3 months and I start physical therapy the first of the year.  Sorry no pictures, just love and good thoughts to those who have not forgotten me.  Oh my stars I have so many funny stories.  From aggravating my nurses to Hamlet wanting her birthday cornbread. They are all a hoot.  I have tables capes, baby showers all to post and hope to do so soon
I got the most beautiful hug from Dee Dee and once I fell asleep with it on, hum, don't think that nurse will EVER try to take my hug from me.
However you spend you holiday, whatever your faith.....great blessings from Doug, myself and the babies.

Happy Festivious my friends.
Love Jeanette