Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And the winners are..........

The 100th follower is Steffanie.  She has already sent me her address and her mirror will be mailed shortly.

From the  comments Mary from One Perfect Bite won the other. As soon as I get Mary's address it will be mailed.

Congratulations ladies, I know  you will enjoy them!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Giveaway for my 101st post!

Welcome my friends, it is hard to believe it is my 101st post. I know, the 100th post is usually what everyone acknowledges, not me the 101st for me.  My husband's precious daughter makes these mirrors and they are incredible!  They are so very beautiful and frankly I have never seen anything like them.  I am giving 2 away, one to my 100th follower and one that will be randomly selected from the comment section.

Trust me, these pictures do not do them justice.  They are just lovely. They are made from an antique knife, attached to a mirror and then she puts all kinds of goodies on them.  She made them as favors for the luncheon I gave the end of May and the guests were having a fit over them.  If you read my posts you know how those pictures turned out.  LOL

I want to thank everyone for their support over these past months. Difficult does not begin to describe how the past 12 weeks have been.  I know things are going to get better.  I have actually learned how to take a picture on my cell phone.  Nothing fancy but I hope it gives everyone the idea of what I am talking about.

Wouldn't they be lovely on your dressing table?  The contest starts now and will end midnight EST on Tuesday June 29th.   Leaving a comment about anything will give you and entry.  Good Luck Everyone.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pictures of the Shower (plus tease for 100th post)

Welcome friends, !!I finally gathered some pictures from the luncheon.This is the 'party' room my parents built 35 years ago, it will hold a lot of people.  If those walls could talk!  This is how it looked when you entered to the Bridesmaid Luncheon.  
One of the things I was most proud of was the chicken salad filled bread cones.  They turned out so pretty and tasty.  Using Miss Janice's recommendation  I also made cheese straws, pimento cheese  sandwiches. 

Just another look at the buffet.

Fruit Salad, cucumber sandwiches garnished with home grown dill. Ham roll ups rounded out the menu.
This is my greatest achievement.  It is a charm cake using a recipe from Lick the Bowl Good.
There are hydrangeas on the top with avocado colored ribbon tied to each charm.  We rigged it so the bride
would pull the baby carriage charm!  LOL

Everyone having a grand time.

The beautiful bride, her momma and me!
I could never have done it without the help and encouragement of so many.  It is
a memory that I will treasure always for a beautiful young woman whom I adore.

Friends,  can you believe this is my 100th post?   My husband's darling daughter is making 3 incredible
bejeweled mirrors to give three readers.  Details to follow.  Thank you so much for reading and leaving any comments!  Now to plan a baby shower for my other sweetie on August 1st!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Not one picture turned out!

Hello my friends, welcome to my garden.  Not one picture from the luncheon turned out but I am still calling guests.  These are some pictures of my garden.  Doug put my earth boxes up on blocks so I can plant, weed, water and pick all from a wheelchair or walker.   My fairy sits between Doug's trucks.  You see tomatoes and peppers in these.

These lilies came from Chicago with us last year.  That is bee balm to the right  and 'love lies bleeding' in the black planters.

The peppers are looking pretty sad but are already putting out fruit.

More Peppers.  (Yum Pepper Jelly)

I did the back beds in Dragon Wing Begonia, they are supposed to get rather big so I planted them like 4 feet apart.  I think they are pretty and different.

I love yellow squash and this is looking good.
This is the first time I have tried watermelon in a square foot garden, we'll see.

More squash.

The topsy turvey tomatoes did well last year so we will see.
This is about 1/3 of my garden and will post more picutures soon. Also I have a giveaway for my 100th post coming up!   Cool huh?
I hope that my computer will let me have enough speed to look at other blogs, I miss them so.