Sunday, December 19, 2010

Updates galore!

My dear friends, thank you so much for all the cards, letters, gifts and emails.  I went into the hospital on 9/11/10 and once they got in there it turned out to be much worse than the MRI's suggested.  It turned out to be a major surgery. (fusions, rods, discs, etc) The doc says a 12 month recovery time. physically  and emotionally it has been too much and I could not even blog or read blogs.  I have missed you so.  I have been a traveling.  LOL First, St. Francis Hospital, then Hughston Hospital, them Emory.  6 surgeries later I am now home.  Slow but home.  Hey the good side, I have lost 35 pounds so the heck with all that exercise stuff they talk about. I have been bedridden.  LOL  The doctor says 12 months of recovery time. It has been 3 months and I start physical therapy the first of the year.  Sorry no pictures, just love and good thoughts to those who have not forgotten me.  Oh my stars I have so many funny stories.  From aggravating my nurses to Hamlet wanting her birthday cornbread. They are all a hoot.  I have tables capes, baby showers all to post and hope to do so soon
I got the most beautiful hug from Dee Dee and once I fell asleep with it on, hum, don't think that nurse will EVER try to take my hug from me.
However you spend you holiday, whatever your faith.....great blessings from Doug, myself and the babies.

Happy Festivious my friends.
Love Jeanette

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank a Vet today.

If you have the freedom to read this, thank a vet! Thank you daddy for giving over 25+ years of your life in the army and fighting for our safety without thinking of your own safety.. Thank you my darling husband for giving over 20+ years of your life to the air force and fighting in the dessert storm era wars. I am so proud to be the wife and the daughter of these amazing men.

I pledge allegiance,
 to the flag of the United States of America.............


Sunday, October 31, 2010

I am insane and now I have proof!

Welcome friends.  I found out today that I am really insane.  As you know DH is home but really busy visiting everyone but me.  I am pretty much bed bound and miserable.  I went totally nuts today. I loaded the dogs in the truck and decided 'road trip'  Now my excuse is all the drug residue in my body.  I am having a fit to have good photos done of the dogs and can't find anyone to do them.

So we are driving around and I think PASSPORT PHOTOS!  LOL  I take 13 pound Trina in the store (drug store) and tell them she is a famous dog actor that works with a petting zoo that is going to Mexico and she  needs passport pictures.  The person taking the pictures keeps saying I never heard of that.  hmmm. Finally she says I better call my manager.  I thought, I better get out of here!  They would not let me leave so I am waiting to give my apology.  Mind you there were NO other customers in there at all.
The clerk came back and said the manager sad to treat her like a baby and hold her up over your head.  Well Trina is 13 pounds ad we finally got the above results.
Was I happy with that?  NOOOOOO.  I go get 65 pound Josh and tell them I just had back surgery and can't lift her.  They were so kind trying to lift Josh with her 10 foot legs flopping over their heads.  It took 3 of them.  I about peed my pants.  No picture of Josh, but not for lack of trying.

I will call them tomorrow, apologize, send flowers or candy. or a cake.  I am still laughing.  Was I awful?  Darn it was funny.  Am I officially crazy?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hamlet and YamYam are great gardeners!

Welcome dear ones!  When I first started gardenig I learned to plant something for the animals.  So I take the leftover seedsm and plant them.  I went out behinnd the bard today and it was an ocean of yellow.

Hamlet and YamYam did a great job.  I thoguht everythig was just beautiful.

Thanks for stopping in!

I really appreciate your time.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Patches in Texes

My sweet grandson's mom, her sister, throw in some cousins and you have pumpkin patch fun!

My precious grandson Remi!

Cousins, aunts and fun with my friends.

Sweret Cousins

Another cousin

Another cousin!


Mom STOP kissing me!

OK, Personally I am not taking the chances.  So not stand in the pumpkin patch VERY long!
Love you guys...Look what can happen!

Thanks for stopping in, I love your visits!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

So much fun, so little time

Welcome friends, wow it has been busy around here.  With DH arriving home, our precious younger niece coming for a visit (12 years old) my mom, sister, and brother came by for a quick visit also. My precious niece cooked, decorated , and in general prepared our entire meal for Saturday evening.  Let me tell you, it might have been heavy on the dessert end but it was wonderful!  She used 2 cookbooks and  the back of
a can of cocoa.  My advice is to watch this blog, an incredible 1st anniversary giveaway coming up.x
Thank you for stopping in and be on the lookout for the goodies to come.
Thank you so much for stopping in and sharing the happiness our family is experience  this few weeks.
I treasure each every comment you leave.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My most beautiful tablescape evah!

Welcome!  I am joining our lovely hostess Susan from Between Naps on The Porch for Table scape Thursday.  It has been a little over a year since I found her site and have seen tablescapes that have blown me away.  Incredible, talented, gifted  men and women have wowed me with images and information that keep me entertained for hours every week.  This, my friends would be my most beautiful table scape evah! 
Many of you know that my husband went to work in Saudi Arabia in Feb,2010. For 8 long months
my tables have pretty much looked like this.  A table set for one.  These are our everyday dishes, a spoon cause I am having soup.  Walmart flowers, but tonight.......drum roll please.......

My table is set for 2!  My husband will be home any minute.  Can you tell I am excited?
That is his favorite glass.  He stole, I mean borrowed it from my sister 14 years ago.
Have you ever seen such a beautiful table.  He is having chicken wings, that is why he has no

So there you have it, my most beautiful table.  I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for the phone
to ring.   Give your significant others and your kids a special hug and kiss tonight.  While this table
may seem plain in comparison to so many I have seen, trust me it is the best.
When I set this table I sat down and cried. How lucky I am to have a husband that would travel 10,000 miles across the world to support his family.  It has been difficult, and he has to go back in 3 weeks
but boy and I going to hold on to him so tight.

I will say that he wanted ham, ham, ham.  But since it is so late I did not want to prepare much.  He will get his fill of ham and beer,  LOL.

Thank you so much for visiting.  Go check out all the incredible tables.  You will be amazed.

I treasure each and every comment.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am channeling Martha!

Welcome friends!  Well Doug is in the air.  He will touch down in Atlanta tomorrow at 4:00PM EST.
I am a nervous wreck and so excited!  Thought I would share some of my fall decorating.  I actually made some things.  Can you believe it?
I bought this candle holder for $1.75 at a flea market, you really can't tell it but it has little orange crystals hanging from it.   Then I hot glued 5 dollar store pumpkins. I scattered leaves and gourds and pumpkins around.  I think it turned out right cute.

 OK, my picture taking sorta messes this up.  Last January I found a white Christmas tree at Rite Aid for just a couple of bucks.  I spray painted it black and added lights, bugs, spider webs and creepy stuff.  Hanging on the wall are Quacker Factory witch stockings.  The table has a black lace lighted cloth with skulls and scary pictures all around.  I go for the mildly scary, not gross scary.
 I wish I could remember whose blog I saw this on to give them credit.  I took 3 black dollar store picture frames, cut  scrap booking paper and added the letters.  The spiders were from the dollar store also.  The crows on the stocking hangers were from the dollar store also.  One of the folks that I shop with on ETSY sent me the bats.  Again, my picture taking is terrible, you sorta have to combine this picture with the one above and you will get the idea.  I am pleased with the look. I forget the nieces aren't babies any more.

My Halloween apron is a candy corn print with orange accents.
I am enjoying going through my aprons and actually using them
Thank you Miss Janice for the great idea.
 Doug found this bottle last year and one of the blogs offered the downloads of different creepy labels.  It looks so real to me.

 Thank you so much for visiting.  I always enjoy your visits, but today I want to tell you how I treasure the bonds and friendships I have made here.  It has been difficult while Doug has been gone.  You will never know how many nights I would be crying and missing him so badly and click on the blog.  Sure enough, someone will have posted  something I needed to hear.  I have laughed, I have cried but most of all I made it through with YOUR help.  Thank you my friends.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our Precious Grandson!

Welcome my friends.  Happy October!  I am sorry I have not posted or even read blogs in quite a while.  I had to be admitted to the hospital 2 more times.  I am tired but otherwise doing well. Now have you
ever seen such a cutie pie in all your life?  LOL

It is 4 days until my husband will be home!  I have been working on the most beautiful table scape I have ever done.  Hopefully I will have it ready to share with you this week.

Thank you for stopping in for a visit.  I enjoy them so very much.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Look what I have completed!

Welcome my precious blogger friends!  I want to show you a couple of projects that are complete.  Since it is 14 days until my Doug will be home I thought I would share a few of them.  First, I have always wanted a red door.  I got so many ideas from blogs I visited, I got the courage....said it was only paint and did it!  The WELCOME was bought on etsy.  It took me forever to decide on the shade of red but this one worked out great.

 Last year I saw the most beautiful wreath hanger. The owner of the wreath holder told me where she got it.   I loved it.  While I could not find one like hers it lead me on a journey finding beautiful wreath hangers.  I got this one on ebay.  I love visiting the QVC bulletin boards and the wonderful folks over there kept talking about the pine cone wreath.  Being a southern girl, with pine trees everywhere I thought these folks are nuts.  But they kept talking about them so I ordered one and am so glad I did!  It has battery operated lights that are on a timer. 
 This is one of my treasures.  Can you believe Doug bought me this swing on our first date?  We went to a craft show and I fell in love with it.  I weave seasonal items through the chain with battery operated lights woven through it also.  You can see Josh's tail and butt in this photo.  LOL.  She is a ham.  The birdcage on the storage box was on a table scape a few weeks ago.  It has a flame less candle and some sunflowers.
 You can't see it but the twigs in the milk can have lights on them.  I admit my picture taking leaves much to be desired but hopefully you get the jest of it.
Thank you so much for stopping in.  I am still recuperating and very slow.  I always treasure your comments.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Meet the Newest Member of our Family

Hello friends, I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family. Her name is Trina and she is a rescue from a local shelter.  Josh (our lab rescue) picked her out all by herself.  She is just precious
and at a little under 10 pounds is the perfect lapdog.  She loves to snuggle and sleep under the covers with me.  I took Josh with me to the shelter,  she walked up and down the aisles sniffing and looking. Any dog that she 'sniffed' out would go with Josh and I to an area set aside to visit.

Not only did they get along well, they played so sweetly.  Josh's new command is GENTLE, PLAY GENTLE.  And of course the command heard all around the world.....Josh don't eat your sister.  LOL

 As you can see Trina is already sucking up to dad by wearing  a Green Bay Packer scarf in honor of the game tonight!

Thank you for stopping in, we love to read comments.   And of course since the countdown has begun, 16
days until Doug is home.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

19 days and counting

Thank you friends for visiting .  I am home from round 2 in the hospital.  My surgery was on September 10, 2010.  It was a bit more involved  than my doctor expected.  I now am the proud owner of fusion, plastic discs and last but not least lots of nuts and bolts in my back.
I was discharged on Monday September 13th with 24 hour nursing.  After a big set back I was readmitted on Thursday September 15th.  Lots of drugs and intense Physical Therapy later, I am home again.  I certainly missed all my babies, my home and all of my blogger friends. 
I came home to a wonderful realization.......Doug will be home in 19 days!  Is that wonderful or what?

I am home but very slow.  Thank you for stopping in and wish me luck in finishing up projects from the bed.  I am not allowed but 3 hours a day out of bed. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Auction Treasures

Welcome to my latest auction finds.  First meet Winnie, a cutie pie pig.  I will decorate her seasonally and as you can see she is ready for fall.  I just love her.

This cow's is another auction find.  Her name is Ginger.  She will be decorated for each season also.  I think she is beautiful!

I don't tell my friends often enough how much I appreciate your visits and comments.  As most of you know I am not physically to read many blogs but so appreciate your visits.  Please excuse my horrible photography.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Found in My Mom's Tack Room

Can you believe I found this little baking center in my mom's tack room?  It was dirty but I cleaned it.  Covered the top in cork.  I had extra panels of my kitchen curtains, put my Keurig on it, and my convection oven on it.  THEN, I went out to the shed and found an old getting ready to be thrown away entertainment center.  The shelves fit perfectly.  It holds, my crock pot, george foreman, temptations.    If you had seen this thing you would have fainted.  I really am pleased with it.

What treasures have you found lately?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hobby Lobby Find

I fell in love with this pumpkin but thought $30 was too much, then I had a coupon and 50% off.  Got him for $7!  Score!

Thanks for stopping in.
Have you found any great deals lately?  I know you have, you guys never cease to amaze me.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My first tablescape in a while

Welcome friends, thank you for stopping in to see my first table scape in ages.  All the dishes were purchased at the dollar tree.  The Charger came from Hobby Lobby, $1.00 each.  The placemats and napkins were on clearance from QVC several years ago.  I have had the birdcage centerpiece a year or 2.  It has a Battery Candle (I can't smell so I am not allowed real candles)
The ink pen is to take notes.  LOL.  I forgot flatware and glasses.  The chaircovers are girl and boy scarecrows that are just so cute .  You will see them later in the year.

Thank you for visiting.  I love your comments.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Night the Lights went out on Christmas Trees

Welcome friends!  So glad you decided to visit.  These 2 Christmas trees bit the dust so my Mom covered them in silk fall flowers.  I think they look great in the unfinished garden.  Please ignore the hose.  I will show you pictures of when it is all complete.  (I hope)But isn't that just the coolest idea?
What have you repurposed lately?
Love  your comments.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Inexpenive Tin Tiles

Welcome friends, another one of my 'many' projects.  LOL.  I know you have seen those tin squares in various magazines.  Well I bought 2 packs and installed them behind my stove and under the microwave.  First tip, buy a better adhesive so you don't hear click click click all night long.  All those tins falling to the ground.  Once you do that, It is really easy.  I like how it turned out.

Has anyone ever tried these before?


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Maybe I am Martha

Welcome friends, look what I made!  All by myself.  Granted it was a kit from Target ($24)  But it works and everything and I did it!  I am proud of this one.

Have you ever made a clock?  Kit or not?


Friday, September 10, 2010

Auction Trunk

Remember when I told you my sister went to an auction and picked up a trunk for me.  Well this is it.  It was only $50 and I love it.  I have a mirror sitting on it with a Valerie Parr Hill maple leaf wreath hung from the mirror.  My Mom gave me this wooden thing from the 60s with hand carved apples, pumpkins, is so cool.  It was a little dark so I took a table runner that I bought from QVC that has lights in it.  Cool or what.  It really lights up that dark corner.  I am proud of how it turned out.

Whatcha think?


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just so you will understand.

My friends, I have been so touched by the emails, phone calls and attempted skpyes (my skpye is broken).  To know that I have so many dear friends that I have never met just takes my breath away.

As YamYam said, I am scheduled to go into surgery on Friday.  We have run into some issues today and it may be postponed.  My blood pressure took a nose dive.  87/47 is not good.  They don't know why.  I love to read Bulletin Boards but I admit some raise my blood pressure and make my head explode.  I know you will find this hard to believe but I am very opinionated.  LOL  With that in mind, ALL BB are off limits even the good ones per my doctor and husband.    But with today's blood pressure maybe I should go read a couple of those mean ones.  Ha!

I now have a LPN with me all the time.  She gives me my meds and pretty much makes certain I am good.  Boy has she got her hands full.  Many have asked if Doug is coming home.  No.  He is not a doctor. There is nothing he can do here.  We can talk on the phone, skype (if I get fixed) etc.  He needs to stay busy and is a phone call away.

I am one of those weird people.  I don't think surgery and illness is a social event.  I had heart surgery last year.  The man in the room next to me had 19 prayer warriors.  WHAT?  My nurse was bringing me my insulin shot and a mother stopped her and asked if she could get a DVD for her kid to calm her down.  And then the ones with the crying babies, the hard of hearing uncles that everyone has to scream to.  Can you imagine the resources wasted daily because our society believes that a hospital  visit is a party?

Organize prayer warriors from your home, offer  to help pick  up the children if any are involved, schedule a cleaning list, a driving list, buy magazines and drop them off at the front desk with a note.  Sit down and hand write a letter to your friend full of funny memories and stories. Trust me that will be read and reread on those nights the nurses wake you up to give you a sleeping pill.  LOL Cook meals and put them in the freezer.  If they live alone, contact the utilities companies.  Check into social services and services available, meals on wheels, etc.  I cannot tell you how many seniors I have brought home from the hospital and thier power, telephone or water be turned off.  If  you explain the situation, the utility company will help you out.

There are so many many things you can do to help those in need that are ill.  I speak for myself only.  I am certain that there are some out there that enjoy the party, that have no concern for their neighbor but I like to think they are few and far between.

And remember that friend a month or so after it is all over.  About six weeks after my daughter died, I remember cleaning out the fridge, all alone ( all that food going to waste!).  I picked up the phone and called her and got her voice mail.  I sat in the middle of the floor and cried for 2 days.  Think out of the box and love your friends in the healtiest best ways for them to heal properly.

PS  I know there are times when people are dying and family members are called, those would be called the exceptions.  Please my friends, don't stop with the emails, comments, notes,calls.  I love it.  But especially those locally understand I am crazy enough, do you really want to see me all drugged up.  LOL
Hugs to you all, and good health to you.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I have to do everything around here!

I have to do everything around here now!  Who knew?  When I took this gig I thought .......easy peasy, free food, a pretty cool mate to care for and a great mom and dad.  I am the mouthpiece for this family.  I walk the fence lines and keep everyone safe.  For years I have been good at what I do..  Great as a matter of fact, many are envious of my position here.

This is one time I dread my job.  Mom says I have to tell our friends what is going on in our little world.  Mom is not feeling well.She goes into the hospital on Friday, should be there about a week.  Then she goes to a local rehab (not the Lyndsy Lohan type) for a couple of weeks.

She won't be able to drive for 6 weeks but has made mega arrangements for food delivery for everyone that lives here.  She is good like that.  Mom cries a lot and the doctors say that she is in a lot of pain.  Please send her good thoughts through whatever ritual you might believe.  I know she would appreciate it. 

Good Thoughts My Mom's Friends

May you share good thoughts and peace
Yam Yam

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Welcome friends.  As you know I have been slowly redecorating our home.  I HOPE to be finished with all my projects by the time he comes home.  When I turned 30 my daughter started an apron collection for me.  For over 20 years I have been trying to figure out how to display them.  I was reading  Miss Janice's blog one day HERE and she had the cutest display ever!  So of course I stole, (borrowed) her idea.  It has taken me a while.
The picture is not very good and I am not finished but I had to share with you.  I bought a $160 room divider at Hobby Lobby for $29!  I had someone screw one panel into my laundry room wall and I made a door.  I think it looks so cute.  I have always had curtains there, and of course everyone uses the back door (LOL).

This is a huge improvement!.  I grabbed the first apron I found, DH gave it to me a few years ago.  I am really proud,  Of course I will slide it over and there will be other aprons there when I am finished.  What do you think.  I am excited that I can finally display the many aprons my wonderful daughter gave me.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Watermelon Saga Ends

Welcome friends, well today my watermelon gardening came to a tasty end.  This watermelon picture was taken on August 8th.
Today that same watermelon and the other one was picked,  I tried to show the same cup to give you an idea of how it has grown.
Same cup, fuzzy picture (sorry bout that) this is 2 watermelons.  Since I had no idea how to tell when them were ripe, I just decided on  today.  When I cut into them they both sorta popped, so I think they were perfectly ripe. They were very juicy and I was told they were very sweet.  I am proud of my watermelon.
Everyone got in on the fruits of our labor!  Hamlet enjoys watermelon rind so much, Yam Yam not so much.  Hamlet is on a diet so this was an extra special treat.

Thank you for stopping by, I think I will try watermelons again next year.  I am getting ready to do my fall planting.  Are you planning on anything for fall?


Monday, August 23, 2010


Doug got his airline confirmation today!  He will be home Oct 12 and go back Nov 11.  I am so excited.  I told him to bring suitcases full of scarves and silk!  He has plenty of fall clothes here.  Sure does not need them in Saudi.   We are going to do some traveling (including seeing that Grandson!)

He is going to try to find something in the States but his contract does not expire until Feb/2011.  He has to decide by Nov 15th if he will sign for another year.  With 9.6% unemployment in our area I am afraid he will have sign for another year.  But we will see.

Doin' the happy dance!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Watermelon Tragedy

Welcome to my watermelon update.  Remember this little guy about 3 weeks ago?
This is him this morning.  Bummer.  I guess the terrible heat did it.  This is my first watermelon experience so I don't know what caused it.  Well I have 2 more so I will keep you updated.

I read every comment and enjoy them so much!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Josh's big Day

Welcome friends for stopping in.  Josh got to go on a special trip today.  She knew something special was happening.
This place is neat but what happens here, hum.......
Yogurt, my very own yogurt.  Yum, what a great day.

So did you do something fun on this hot balmy day?