Sunday, August 22, 2010

Watermelon Tragedy

Welcome to my watermelon update.  Remember this little guy about 3 weeks ago?
This is him this morning.  Bummer.  I guess the terrible heat did it.  This is my first watermelon experience so I don't know what caused it.  Well I have 2 more so I will keep you updated.

I read every comment and enjoy them so much!


  1. I was just wondering about your watermelons. What a shame. I hope the other two continue to grow in this insane heat!

  2. ah man! maybe they are mini watermelons and you have to pick them sooner than you would a normal one? how do you know when they are ripe?

  3. It may have been the heat. Lot of my potted plants took a "nose dive" early this year - to hot for so long.

  4. Oh Jeanette...
    So sorry... I've never grown a watermelon... so I have no advise. Hopefully the other two will escape from this tragic fate!
    Dee Dee

  5. Oh that's sad, they were coming along so nicely too. Maybe the others will fair better.