Monday, August 9, 2010

Scramble Dog

Welcome Friends!  There is a Pharmacy in a nearby town called Dinglewood Pharmacy.  They have what used to be called a 'lunch counter' inside.  It is a local eatery that is legendary.  The man that runs the place is known as Lieutenant.  He is famous for the Scramble Dog.  Don't go gross, most people do when they first hear what it is called.  While Lieutenant has a special chili recipe that is incredible, I have my own version.  First I will tell you that his Scramble Dogs go like this.....Steamed bun, 2 wieners (chopped), mustard, chopped onion, 2 dill pickles, incredible chili, oyster crackers.  The wonderful memories those bring back.

I don't have a picture of my version.  When the weather starts cooling off  I make a pot of chili.  I mean a huge pot of chili.  I prepare 18 quarts at a time.  I don't have a recipe, I just throw stuff in the pot and make Doug taste until it is right.  So I always have homemade chili in the freezer.  I make these a lot for fundraisers and no matter what city or state we are in, after a few plates go out into the crowds we have a long line until we sell out.
Aunt Nette's Scramble Dog's
1 toasted hot dog bun (chopped)
2 all beef wieners, cooked and chopped
chopped onions
sliced hamburger dills
shredded cheddar cheese
oyster crackers

I take the toasted hot dog bun and cut it up with a pizza cutter (I love the pizza cutter and Pampered Chef has the best one ever).  Scatter it on the plate.  Take the 2 all beef wieners, trusty pizza cutter in hand and cut em up.  Sprinkle on top of the bun.  The objective here is so everything can be eaten with a fork or spoon. A squirt or 2 of mustard, chopped onions to taste, 4 sliced hamburger dills, shredded cheese sprinkled on top and then oyster crackers on top.
Just an FYI, the chili is sorta soupy.  Like a hot dog sauce mixed with equal amounts of chili.  Once you get past the name, you will be clogging up your arteries on a regular basis.

So, it there a local favorite that you enjoy and have recreated at home?  I read and treasure every comment.


  1. Oh sounds yummy! I love hot dogs - had one with kraut for breakfast on Sat - 8:30 am at a flea mkt!!


  2. Oh my! Sounds like something I would love, but should not have ! I use to make a chicken and pasta soup and a pasta salad like a local deli, but have not made either one in a while, so would have to really think about making them again.
    Hope you are not still sore from your fall.

  3. Hi Jeanette!
    Hot dogs are like oranges... when you smell one... gotta have one!!!

    My local favorite is the apple cider cinnamon donut made by our local orchards... oh that's another aroma that can't be passed up!

    Hope your week is wonderful ~ Maria

  4. OMG! That sounds SOOOO good! Jeanette I am so going to try this. One of my fave foods is a hot dog with everything on it! Can't wait to share this with my man!

  5. I love a good chili dog, even though I know they aren't good for me! This sounds wonderful!

  6. Jeanette,

    Here in Cincinnati, these are called cheese coney's (except we don't dice our dogs!) We have two competing restaurants here in town... Skyline and Gold Star... each know for coney's, three ways (chili, spaghetti, and cheese), four ways (chili, spaghetti, cheese and onions) etc! Hot dogs make me sick to my stomach... but I should try one with a mett or a bratt! Yummy!
    Dee Dee

  7. That really sounds wonderful! I've never had oyster crackers on my chili dog - must try that!


  8. That is fun that they still have a lunch counter at Dinglewood Pharmacy (wonder where they got that name). The scramble dog sounds good, I have never heard of anything like it before!

  9. The name is not going to slow me down! We were actually planning on making hot dogs tomorrow because Mr. H has been craving them. I think I'll try mine this way!