Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Watermelon Saga Ends

Welcome friends, well today my watermelon gardening came to a tasty end.  This watermelon picture was taken on August 8th.
Today that same watermelon and the other one was picked,  I tried to show the same cup to give you an idea of how it has grown.
Same cup, fuzzy picture (sorry bout that) this is 2 watermelons.  Since I had no idea how to tell when them were ripe, I just decided on  today.  When I cut into them they both sorta popped, so I think they were perfectly ripe. They were very juicy and I was told they were very sweet.  I am proud of my watermelon.
Everyone got in on the fruits of our labor!  Hamlet enjoys watermelon rind so much, Yam Yam not so much.  Hamlet is on a diet so this was an extra special treat.

Thank you for stopping by, I think I will try watermelons again next year.  I am getting ready to do my fall planting.  Are you planning on anything for fall?



  1. Your watermelon looks delicious! I don't plant much in the fall. Give me some ideas! I normally plant pansies.

  2. I think your watermelons look wonderful!

  3. I'm glad that you got to try the fruits of you labor.

  4. Yum! I'm glad everyone got to enjoy these before they "popped" open like the other one! I LOVE watermelon, it's all I ate for the 1st month when I was pregnant!

  5. That was a good idea using the same cup to show the growth. They look very tasty!

  6. There is just nothing as mouth watering as a home-grown watermelon!