Wednesday, August 4, 2010


As we swelter in this heat, I sometimes forget how hot Doug is in Saudi Arabia.  I try to do little things to include him in our everyday life.  Because I am crazy I send him emails from our pets.  I figure if they can write a blog they can write a letter.  While this picture taking is new to me and I only use my cell phone, I have been taking pictures of all our babies.  When I hug Ning upside down he looks like a bat to me.  Thus the topic of this recent email to Doug:


Do you think I look like a bat? In addition to money for plastic surgery I will be needing money for counseling. Can you imagine how it feels to have your mom say you look like a bat. I mean Dad, a bat. That is a rat with wings. Do you think I look like a bat? Josh is laughing at me. Dude, it is not funny. I could be in therapy for years over this. Please dad, talk to her.

Your Loving Son,

So do you think Ning looks like a bat?  I mean a precious bat, but a bat nonetheless. 


  1. Ning looks like I just want to scoop him up and kiss his sweet face! What an adorable bat, I mean pup!
    dee dee

  2. No not a bat. He is adorable! Glad he can email his Dad!!

  3. You had me turning my computer around so I could look at him upside down. I don't exactly see a bat...just a cute little pup and a wife who is trying very hard to make her husband smile:)

  4. Smiling...what a darling post! He's a cutie, no matter which-a-way he turns.

  5. Oh he is ADORABLE! Not a bat! LOL