Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am channeling Martha!

Welcome friends!  Well Doug is in the air.  He will touch down in Atlanta tomorrow at 4:00PM EST.
I am a nervous wreck and so excited!  Thought I would share some of my fall decorating.  I actually made some things.  Can you believe it?
I bought this candle holder for $1.75 at a flea market, you really can't tell it but it has little orange crystals hanging from it.   Then I hot glued 5 dollar store pumpkins. I scattered leaves and gourds and pumpkins around.  I think it turned out right cute.

 OK, my picture taking sorta messes this up.  Last January I found a white Christmas tree at Rite Aid for just a couple of bucks.  I spray painted it black and added lights, bugs, spider webs and creepy stuff.  Hanging on the wall are Quacker Factory witch stockings.  The table has a black lace lighted cloth with skulls and scary pictures all around.  I go for the mildly scary, not gross scary.
 I wish I could remember whose blog I saw this on to give them credit.  I took 3 black dollar store picture frames, cut  scrap booking paper and added the letters.  The spiders were from the dollar store also.  The crows on the stocking hangers were from the dollar store also.  One of the folks that I shop with on ETSY sent me the bats.  Again, my picture taking is terrible, you sorta have to combine this picture with the one above and you will get the idea.  I am pleased with the look. I forget the nieces aren't babies any more.

My Halloween apron is a candy corn print with orange accents.
I am enjoying going through my aprons and actually using them
Thank you Miss Janice for the great idea.
 Doug found this bottle last year and one of the blogs offered the downloads of different creepy labels.  It looks so real to me.

 Thank you so much for visiting.  I always enjoy your visits, but today I want to tell you how I treasure the bonds and friendships I have made here.  It has been difficult while Doug has been gone.  You will never know how many nights I would be crying and missing him so badly and click on the blog.  Sure enough, someone will have posted  something I needed to hear.  I have laughed, I have cried but most of all I made it through with YOUR help.  Thank you my friends.


  1. Jeanette, you are so creative! But more than that, so excited for you that Doug will be home tomorrow! Blessings**

  2. You did great on your cute decorations.
    Enjoy your time with your husband.

  3. Hi Jeanette! These are such cute ideas! love aprons and of course am just adoring your candy-corn apron!
    Thanks for giving us this autumn inspiration!
    *blessings always*

  4. Jeanette,
    I am so excited that Doug is coming home tomorrow! I doing a dance of joy for you!
    Tonight I am sending you extra special hugs to get you through until tomorrow!
    It looks like you have been so busy getting the house all dolled up for Doug's return, he's going to love it... I know I love all you have done!
    Hugs, hugs, hugs....
    dee dee

  5. I am just so happy that he will be home today. I think the decorating looks great, he will be so glad to be home. Have a wonderful time catching up.

  6. I'm so happy for your that your husband is coming home! Your decorating is wonderful and I love what you did with the candleholder and pumpkins. Too cute!

  7. He's home, he's home. yay! I'm so happy for you!

    You decorations are super cute. I'm loving that candy corn stocking.