Thursday, October 29, 2009

My most requested Recipe!

Over the years I have had many requests for various dishes. This one, without a doubt is requested the most. Uncle Doug can't go to Nascar Races without it. Since he leaves tomorrow for Talledaga I had to make a bunch. I really do not have a recipe but here is the best I can do.

We just call this "The Dip" You can adjust, add, reduce......whatever you want to do. I so hope you enjoy.

4 pounds of ground round

4 cans of rotel tomatoes


6 pounds of velveeta cheese

chopped onions

sour cream

brown ground beef with onions, drain and put in crock pot. Add rotel tomatoes, velveeta cheese and salsa . Continue warming until you get the right texture. Use the salsa (more or less) to determine this. Let cool a bit then add sour cream. Grab a bowl and watch the races.....Go JR!

Do not take to a boiling roll again or you will 'break' the sour cream


  1. That sounds so good and I love it more that I can put in crockpot! My kind of cooking!

  2. This sounds so yummy! Thank you so much for sharing... Dee Dee

  3. I love anything with velveeta! Sounds great!

  4. Glad to see you posting. Back from our trip to London. If you need me to do any tweaking of your header or background, let me know. I'll try to look for something with a little red on it.