Sunday, July 4, 2010

A story from Saudi

I thought I would share a story from Saudi with you today.  When Doug goes to the mall for his shopping he always sees this little boy and girl. (Sorry I don't know who the man is)  They are from Pakistan.  She is 5 and he is 9.  They have another sister that is 4 and a brother that is 7.  Their father is disabled and the laws prevent their Mom from working.

They sell gum in the streets to bring in money to the family.   Doug says she is a real sweetheart and always finds them when they do their shopping.  She always gives them hugs.  I thought they have such beautiful smiles on their innocent faces to have faced so much hardship in their young life.

I love hearing from everyone and treasure every comment.


  1. We don't realize how good we have it. Happy 4th for our country!

  2. Awww! She is just as sweet as she can be! I'd buy gum from her...with a big tip added, too! :)

    The new grandson pic on your sidebar is adorable!

  3. The joy on those children's faces is priceless! Our kids here have no idea how good they have it. Thanks for stopping by today!!

  4. Hi Jeanette!
    I wrote out a comment and I don't know where it went :o)
    Stopping by to say how grateful we should all be for living in this Promised Land of ours!

    Thank you for Doug's commitment to serving our country!

    I stopped by your shower post... the chicken salad bread cones look amazing! I've just recently rediscovered chicken salad. We had it for our daughter's shower and am now addicted to it again!

    The "Christmas in July" post is so cute... Your grandson looks very handsome in a sudsy beard :o)

    Have a super week! It's pretty hot here... 95+ degrees!
    Enjoy some fresh breezes!

  5. My heart breaks when I think about the hardships that so many face so early in their lives. I'm sure your hubby has so many stories like this one!

  6. Oh what a sweet post!

    I absolutely hate you for having 2 pigs! I am sooo jealous!!! I love pigs! Everything pig! pig pig pig!

  7. Kinda' breaks your heart, doesn't it? That a woman is unable to work is just too far beyond my comprehension but I'm well aware of the customs of some of the Arab countries. Very sad.

    Thanks for visiting my beautiful new Betsy Belle! We love her as you can see!

  8. We truly are blessed! I am so thankful that we have men like your hubby out there that takes the time to do something so simple yet so kind!

  9. What a great post and yes their smiles are so sweet and innocent with the hard life they live.
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving me words of encouragement. I do need to keep those Big Girl Panties on and quit feeling depressed.

  10. Wow - it really makes me think of how good we have it in this country.