Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fantasy In Lights and a question

Welcome! Our family went on a trip this evening. What a wonderful time we had! Of course Keelie and Josh were excited about any trip. My sweet husband is trying to get me in a festive mood so we went to Callaway Gardens and enjoyed the show. We did not take these photographs, ours had some glare from the windows. You can either ride the trolley or drive through in your own vehicle. This is the entrance. While we were waiting for our turn, Josh decided she wanted to check out the place on her own. Into my lap she jumped, and somehow out my window. It was so funny! I had a slow reaction time and she was half in and half out of the window. I tried to grab her, instead somehow I raised the window so she was truely trapped. Then I tried to lower the window and of course I locked the doors. The kids in the vehicles in front and behind us were laughing like crazy. Of course it is a rainy night in Georgia, so when Josh was finally captured she was wearing a mud jacket. But after the drama, the show began.

It was just lovely, if you are near Pine Mountain, Georgia it is certainly worth the visit. Keelie enjoyed the entire drive, we went to a light show last Christmas in IL and she slept through the entire thing. This year she paid attention and was excited when she heard the doll say Ma-Ma, Josh loved anything in the water. They both adored the ice display.

The music was just beautiful. I have been trouble getting into a holiday mood. I think Dee Dee from d dzine was right on track when she said I needed to get some holiday music playing. I guess several boxes were lost in our move from IL. We have offical called off the search, our Christmas CD's cannot be found.

Along with many Christmas books and other treasures. Oh well, maybe we will find them next year.
Would you please leave the name of your favorite Christmas CD? I am going to pick some replacements this weekend. Have you gone looking at any Christmas lights yet this year?

Merry Christmas.
Here is a link to a little more Fantasy in Lights


  1. Oh, how pretty! Looks like a wonderful light display. :-)

    My favorite Christmas CD is one by Kenny G. I'm not sure the exact name, but it is a Christmas CD he did many years ago. He plays a lot of wonderful things on it. I like his tenor sax.

    I have copies of the Salvation Army's brass ensemble playing each year.

    And you can get Christmas CDs at Dollar Tree for a dollar. I often buy them there.

    Hope this helps...


    Sheila :-)

  2. We've been in Columbus for about a year and I still haven't made it to Callaway Gardens yet. We're leaving Friday morning to go home to Louisiana for the holidays, too bad I'll have to miss the lights.

    Thanks for coming by, I appreciate it!

  3. What a fun evening! I love going out and looking at all the lights. We have gone a few special places around here to look at the lights but, this weekend we are going to do the whole pack a thermos of hot chocolate and snacks are go to a couple of local parks that are all decked out.

  4. I haven't seen the lights at Callaway Gardens but last year did take a drive through Stone Mountain and the lights were very pretty. I love so many Christmas CD's (I do hope yours will show up) but I guess one of my fav's is Kathy Mattea's GOOD NEWS. I just love her rendition of Mary Did You Know? I'm struggling a little with Christmas this year also...but I'm getting there finally!

  5. Jeanette,
    What a fun evening! Even if you did come home with a muddy pup. Next week we will most likely take a drive around town to see the local neighborhood lights. Last year I tried to make a game of it, inorder to get my (we are way too old for this) kids excited. We made a silly list of things to find (i.e.- Santa on a dog house, A blow up Nativity, purple lights, etc) It at least made the evening more fun for me!
    My favorite Christmas CD is Dave Koz & Friends...A smooth Jazz Christmas.
    I throwing you a great big hug today.
    Dee Dee

  6. Wow I can't believe what a treat that was! I have to admity...I am a little jealous :)

    I am glad to have come across your blog & look forward to reading your story & getting to know you. Your daughter Jenee' is just beautiful!

    I will be back to read more very soon...right now I have one more project before bedtime.