Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's Begining to Look a Lot Like Christmas.

Welcome friends, come on in and see what we have done for the holidays. First, one of Uncle Doug's projects. We saw it on a blog or a thrift store and he had to try it. Since he has tons of these silver plated trays, he sprayed several with chalkboard paint and we used them to put homemade treats on. They really work, you use them just like a chalkboard. The table cloth has beautiful holly cut out. The poinsettia was a gift. This little vignette begins the tour. Come on and join me.

This is a new tradition in our home. Our grandson lives too far away to spend the holidays together. We decided to set up a special vignette just for him. This is what we started with this year. We will add to it every year. Merry Christmas Remi! Don't mind all the throws in the background. We have two dogs and that is everyday decorating!

We did not go all out this year with our decorating but taking a cue from so many blogs and ladies on the Q bulletin boards this is what we came up with. Several years ago hubby and I took on a Christopher Lowell project and we still enjoy it. We decorated both sides of it this year. These are some blues, silver and whites I put together.

These are a few of our snowmen, some gifts, some dollar store, some cherished treasures from grandparents. I wanted a few of them all.
This is our breakfast area. We love to sit here in the spring and summer and watch the hummingbirds. In the winter the dogs take center stage and we watch them run and play and get dirty! It is also another time to read and discuss the precious Christmas cards we have received from loved ones.

The table cloth is actually made to look like a Santa's belt. The curtains above are trimmed in white fur. The gingerbread house is Lori Grener. The napkins I have had forever. Everything else is dollar store. Yup, that is where Aunt Nette and Uncle Doug sit and talk and dream .

We started deliveries today. We gave various things. Cookies, bags of mixes, baskets of baked goods, jellies, salsas, truffles, Chex Mix. These items we packaged with notes and put on trays to take to doctor's offices, our pharmacy, post office, places we often forget how much we appreciate what they do for us.
Another tray of goodies. Josh and Keelie gave everyone a treat bag full of Puppy Chow. That stuff is so good.

A few families we just take cookies. I could not display the cookies pretty enough to cover up this lovely tray. Just imagine cookies. No imagine cookie crumbs, and you do not have an ounce on your hips!

For a few of the very special people in our life we took individual baskets. Mainly mixes, candies and smores kits. I thought they looked cute.

To some exciting news. If you read the post Keelie (our puggle) wrote a couple of days ago, you might have noticed she said we have some exciting news to share. Keelie (our human) found out last week she is pregnant. We have been walking on cloud nine. We got together a morning sickness kit. I printed off ideas from the net to reduce morning sickness, crackers, ginger ale, teas, sea bands and a bag of love! Congratulations Keeli and Josh!

This is our Christmas tree. It does not have nearly the amount of ornaments on it as years past. Again, with 2 dogs you have to make consessions. No frillys on the packages either. But they are still pretty.

Dear hubby wanted a Christmas tree in his man cave. We could not decide which would be better, a Nasca one or an airplane one. We could not decide so he got both. Thanks to the sweet lady that came up with the idea for flags as a topper on the Nascar tree.

Thank you for stopping in for a visit. Grab some cider and a cookie and enjoy your visit.
I would love it if you would leave a comment. Merry Christmas.


  1. I love your new tray-what a great idea! I also love the little gifts that you prepared for the special people in your community-very thoughtful.

    I hope that the weather is OK your way-it sounds like it is pretty bad. Stay warm and keep safe!

    Best wishes, Natasha.

  2. Jeanette:

    Lovely, just lovely .... Love the table cloth in the breakfast area, love the tray idea Doug came up with, and especially love your kindness to others.
    Merry Christmas friend,

  3. Jeanette, You are such a sweet lady. I love all your generous goodies for friends and those who are there for us through the year. Congrats on the great news....a baby! How wonderful will 2010 be for you all. Stay warm and Have a Merry Christmas!


  4. Hi!

    Everything looks so pretty and festive!! I know what you mean about that puppy's addictive! LOL

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!

  5. Congrat Jeanette! What wonderful Christmas news! Love the morning sickness kit, very cute idea! Tell Doug that his chalkboard ideas is fantastic, I'll have to file that one away to use some day.... Somemore kits and cookies... I'm driving to your home this week! You and Doug ar always so thoughtful to think of other during each season. God Bless... Dee Dee

  6. I love the morning sickness kit, and the other preparations you have made to share with others. Merry Christmas!

  7. Your decor is cute!!

    Mmmmm, puppy I'm craving some! ;)