Sunday, December 13, 2009

Keelie, guest blogger tonight

Welcome! I am posting for Mom tonight. I can't imagine anyone not knowing who I am but in case someone has been living under a rock I am Kellie, Mom and Dad's 20 month old Puggle. This is a new picture of me Sierena took. But then, I am a great subject to photograph.

Of course she felt she had to take a picture of Josh, who cares about Josh...... my point exactly!
Mom is a little stressed tonight. She had so much she wanted to do. Dad takes all the pictures and he was bitten by a brown recluse spider. He can't move his hand so not much has gotten done around here. It is quite disgusting. Mom was so excited, she went to an auction today to buy a special present for a dear friend of hers. This is what she went to buy:

Mom told me the story, she thought she was bidding on the painting and was excited that she won it at a great price. The only problem is she accidentally bought this:

I do not understand exactly how an auction works, and obviously Mom does not either (hehehe). She is very disappointed but it will all work out. Mom and Dad are very happy, they got some great news that they will share with everyone soon. Dad bought some kind of special dishes and he is going to do a tablescape for Tablescape Thursday. I feel I am living in a parallel universe these days.
Mom has a big week scheduled. She is going to post some last minute inexpensive Christmas gifts, some ideas of small things we can do this holiday season to make big differences in the lives of others, a memory of her family and Christmas long past.
I want to thank Bonnie for the idea to do this post for mom.
Please leave a comment so Mom will know how much everyone loved my post. She gets into those comments for some reason.


  1. Having gone to a few auctions while we lived in the east I had to chuckle about your not knowing what was going on. You really have to be on your toes and even still I know I thought I was bidding on one item and it was several lots instead. Luckily I didn't bid high enough to get them and saved myself big bucks. You can really get caught up in the bidding and sometimes forget that it is real money that you are making a commitment about. But, your cherubs are not a bad thing to come home with so be happy and enjoy them! Have a great week! Thanks for coming by.

  2. Keelie, tell your Mom you did a great job with this post! The cute story of the auction made me smile.

  3. Well that was fun! That was quite a "mistake" at the auction, I'm sure there must be a good story as to how that happened!


  4. Keelie, thanks for the inside scoop. Please tell your parents I hope the spider bite gets well soon. Take good care of the humans.
    Mister the Decorating Yorkie

  5. Dear Keelie,
    You are a regular copycat...I mean copydog! But I love that you did a post just like I did for my mom! I can't believe your mom bought those angels and she thought she was bidding on a picture. My mom does stuff like that too...she gets excited over the smallest thing. But that's why we love 'em. Right?

    By the way, Keelie, I love your picture! And Josh's too (sorry, but I really do)! Your dad takes nice pictures. Mine does too. He has to do all the pictures of me because I won't sit still for my mom. I get too excited just like her!

    I'm really sorry to hear your dad got bit by a spider! Yikes and barks! That's arf-ful! Hope he feels better soon.
    Barks and hugs,
    Bonnie the sheltie (And my mom says Hi too)!

  6. um, yup! puggles make great models. just check out my blog! :) Keelie is adorable!

  7. Aw, Keelie is soooo sweet. What a precious post. I think you made out on getting the angels. I love angels. I hope your hubby's spider bite gets better, poor guy. Josh is a cutie, too. Rosie

  8. Okay, now I want to hear the story behind the angels! LOL Which by the way I love them!

    Have a wonderful day!

  9. What adorable animals! Thanks, it was a fun post.

  10. Dearest Keelie, You did an excellant job as guest blogger for Mommy's blog! I know she is super proud of you and maybe will reward you with an extra special treat! Tell Mommy, that I LOVE auctions, too! And unfortunately have made a few of those mistaken bids. :) Have Mommy and Daddy ever bid against each other??? Has happened to me and Mr. Kevin. LOL!

    Oh, and be nice to Josh, you know Santa is coming soon and watching you! "wink, "wink!"
    ~hugs, Ms. Rhonda

  11. Oh, and one more thing, I hope that Dad gets better soon! Spider fun at all! :)

  12. I hope the bite is better--those can be dangerous! Keelie is very smart--Jessie is still learning to type :) We tell her all the time she won't be always be able to count on her looks to get her through :) So sorry about the action--sounds like something I would do! I do like what you got!

  13. Jeanette,
    you are soooo cute! Can't wait to see your (or should I say) your hubby's tablescape. I had to laugh at Keelie's auction story.. smiles. Dee Dee

  14. How charming!.., What a cutey that little pugster! ..,

    I would love to go to an auction!~It's hard to believe I never have attended an auction; I'll have to remedy that!..,They sound by all accounts, like lots of fun!

    Speaking of fun, you are warmly welcome to pop by my dear, for our special Christmas, Tuesday Tea For Two, little blogging tea party!..,

    Thanks for your earlier kind comment as well my dear!..,

    Cheers, hugs and blessings from Silken Purse @ The plumed Pen

  15. Well, Kellie...I think you are doing a fantastic job! It's nice to meet you. Unfortunately, I have been living under a rock so this is the first time I we have met!

    I am so sorry about the misunderstanding or rather the miss bidding...Personally, I think the angels are fantastic!

    I've heard those recluse spiders can be very bad news. I hope Dad will be alright!
    Merry Christmas to all...the entire family!

  16. Arf-Arf...

    My Brother and Me were giggling when we heard you tellin' the story about your mom!! That's tooooo funny! As long as we've been here, mom and dad have never gone to an auction. But, they go antiquing...and have mentioned seeing auctions...and that's all WE know!

    Your pictures are should come to my mom's blog some day and see our pictures. We're Jasper (He's white and 16 months old) and I'm Benny - 9 months old and I'm a white/black/brown Havanese.

    We've been planning to do a post on mom's blog, but she's always on the 'puter...with work or the BLOG!! But, we'll scurry in there sometime and do one!

    By for now...
    Lick your dad's face for both of us...
    and say hi to your MOM!

    Jasper & Benny

  17. Keelie, that was a great post. I know your mom appreciates you filling in for her. Sorry she missed out on the painting. Oh, well.

  18. FUn POST... don't feel bad about the auction... my first one I made a similar mistake... NOW I am very careful when I raise my hand!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my blogoversary... Good luck!