Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Help me decorate!

Please come help me decorate! This is the look I want OK? Here in Georgia I am certain I will get this much snow. It is December 9th and I can't get into decorating. My husband has brought down the boxes, they want to be opened and displayed. I decided just to do some vignettes in these shelves from a Christopher Lowell project my husband built (I watched!) a few years ago. There are 2 sets of these shelves. What would you do in them? As you can see I started to do a nativity scene. It was not working for me. Should I put in some live pine, cedar or magnolia? A combination? With the exception of decorating the tree, which I am struggling with also; these 2 vignettes will probably be the extent of my Christmas decorating. Would it be too much to put a vignette on each shelf? Should I
just put one in the middle? 1st and 3rd shelf? You guys have the greatest ideas. Do you have any thoughts? I want it to be festive here. I have guests coming on Friday. Please don't let them come in to all these boxes cause I will do it! I have scanned blogs like crazy and everyone is doing such beautiful things. I am so envious. Come on it will be fun.
You know you want to.....come on....please


  1. If you want something on the cheap (which you probably already have)- go with glass cylinders of varying heights and fill them with Christmas ornaments, balls, .... Then layer with greenery where you need it. And the nativity may still fit in somewhere among the baubles.

  2. You can do this! I know it's hard with the changes but don't let the fancy decorations stop you. Mine are random and fun and mean something to me. I would gather some of your favorites and just play till you get them right. Use some greenery and go for it! Then share your vignettes with us.

  3. Jeanette...I had a very hard time getting started this year. We've mvoed into a much smaller home and things just don't fit. I kind of just decided to *fake it until I can make it*. I started putting things up and before I knew it, things were up and I was feeling a heap better about it.

    BTW, I love the idea of greenery on all the shelves (pine, cedar or magnolia or a combo sounds wonderful) and maybe something small on each shelf. Your welcome to come peek at my very humble decor. Not very inspiring but I managed this year :)

    CHRISTmas Blessings!