Sunday, January 24, 2010

Easter Picnic

Welcome friends, things are hectic around the house so I thought I would share an event we had several years ago. Doug found these pictures a few months back. They sure make for some great memories. Easter is a big deal at our house, for me bigger than Christmas. I have had huge annual Easter parties for many years. I do not remember what year we had this Redneck Easter Picnic but it was when my Daddy was still living. It had to be a time when Easter came later in the spring. The weather is too pretty (even in Georgia) to be an early March Easter. I wish I still had the invitation. The concept was that every one had to bring a redneck style picnic as well as picnic set up. These pictures are from while we were setting up and getting everything ready. It is just a random collection of a few pictures he found. All parties I give have guest interaction. Whether it is dressing up, bringing a certain food, a scanavger hunt, a learning party....we interact! Here is my mom hauling the guests around. Momma and Daddy were always early and loved greeting guests. Momma still has that 'early' gene!
The kids out looking for eggs. Possibly they are even helping hide the eggs before the rest of the guests arrive.
Here is someone's interpetation of a redneck picnic. They sure have bright colors and it looks very springy doesn't it?
My mom made these baskets for the winner of the most original picnic. We had three categories. I wish we had pictures of the winning entries. Heck I wish I remembered the details.
An old blanket with a paper sack for a picnic basket.
Without a doubt, this is one of Doug's famous fried turkeys. Again, sitting on the stove near the cleaner. In the fall of 1996 Doug decided to try frying a turkey. It was such a hit that the Thanksgiving of 1997 there was a line of people waiting for Doug to fry their turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. I looked out and saw people I had never seen in my life! Poor Doug cooked them all. He got cold Thanksgiving dinner that year. Here it is over 10 years later and Doug's turkeys are still famous and requested.
Props we pulled out to help the guests set up when they start arriving.
This is how Momma and Daddy would picnic. They drove over on the golf cart and set up as a drive in. It was a wonderful day. As daddy's health started to decline it was their way of visiting. He could sit on the cart, they had their table close at hand and could enjoy whatever was going on.
This is our front porch. We are set up, ready and waiting for all the food. See that swing in the back? Doug bought me that swing on one of our first dates. I love that swing.
We brought pieces from inside so everyone would have props to set up when they arrived
This is one of the only crafty things I have ever made. It is a round circular piece of fabric with 2" strips of other fabrics (cut long enough to reach the floor) tied through cuts made around the edges. Maybe that is why I can't make crafts, I can't explain how they were made.
It was a pretty day and this was the table scape inside. All of the eatin' and entertaining was done outside.

While I do not remember for certain, I feel confident this is one of my mom's famous hams. I have cooked hams but my mom is the queen of cooking hams. Again with the spray cleaner.
I sure wish there was more to share. I do remember we had a country singer there. I think we made homemade ice cream for dessert.
Does anyone else do unusual themes for parties? How about interactive parties?
I love comments.


  1. Looks like everyone had a great time. That ham looked tooo good. Thats the way my Grandmother used to make hers! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. You all look like you were having so much fun! Easter will be here before we know it!

  3. Looks like alot of fun - wish I lived closer.
    Loved your Mom and Dad's idea of a picnic the best.

  4. How fun, You have me excited for Easter. Love the theme "redneck easter" Love seeing all the picture fun. I also love that you talked about a swing you got on one of your first date's to sweet. JGG

  5. I love how you were all together and having such a great time. one of the reason's I love photos, they bring back such memories!

  6. Looks like a fun time!
    As long as no one sprayed the cleaner, you were ok. :-)

  7. Wish we were having picnic weather now! Thanks for entering my giveaway -- good luck! Hope you are blog hopping over to all of them! --Connie

  8. I love themes - and what a fun theme for a party. Looks like you guys had a GREAT time :)

  9. What fun...looks like a great time..happy weekend.

  10. I'm glad to know that you don't remember every detail of every thing you've done. Some people seem to remember everything! I'm always pretty iffy on what happened when. It looks like fun!


  11. Oh gosh.... what wonderful memories.. the smiles on all the faces are adorable... the gift of laughter is a precious thing..
    hugs ~lynne~

  12. That is great you have those pictures and the wonderful memories. Fun idea!!

  13. What a lovely party! You come up with the best! Looking forward to seeing the shower photos! Oh, tell Doug I love fried Turkey!
    Dee Dee

  14. Ah Easter and the promise of Spring. Sweet happy sighs.

  15. My blogger is not keeping me updated! I just happened to check your blog and saw your post. What a fun time it looks like you all had! I love fried turkey and the ham looks yummy! Now that you have made me hungry .... I gotta go fix myself something to eat!
    Blessings and Hugs,

  16. What a great party. Looks like it was a lot of fun and so nice to see your dad there. Love the swing!...Christine

  17. Great post and how wonderful to be thinking of Easter now -- especially in this cold snowy January weekend!

  18. Thanks for visiting. Everyone seems to be enjoying my buffet silverware servers!
    Easter is such a fun time at our home. My grandkids love finding the eggs with money!!