Friday, January 8, 2010

Snowy Night in Georgia (not so much)

Welcome to our blog! I was so worried about the snow that was headed our way. A few years ago we looked out our window and saw this so we knew it was possible. But alas, this morning we looked out our window and it was just deary and gray and miserable. I knew I had to do something to jump start the folks we care about and make this a toasty, warm day. I have only been reading blogs since this past summer. Susan from Between Naps on the Porch, Kathy from Life in the Slow Lane, Gordon Gossip, Pioneer Woman, Christy from Southern Plate, Designs by Gollum were some I was passionate about. Then Kathy from Life in the Slow Lane designed this wonderful place for me to make incredible friends, share treasured recipes and stories, and visit with the most amazing folks on this earth. Today I want to share a recipe I found on Southern Plate. I have made it a couple of times, including today and it is wonderful. This is Lane, Christy from Southern Plate's nephew. That smile made me know this was a cake I had to bake. I made this in 3 disposable pie pans, hey it was all I had. My sweet husband delivered them this morning. He took a pan to the local post office, my pharmacy, and a local antique mall. I was able to warm the tummies of those special folks. Here is the recipe:

Honey Bun Cake
1 box plain yellow cake mix
1 cup sour cream
3/4 cup vegetable oil
4 large eggs
1/4 cup honey
1/3 cup brown sugar
3 tsp cinnamon
1 cup finely chopped pecans
2 cups confectioner’s sugar
1/3 cup milk
1 t. vanilla
Mix all ingredients together for cake. Mix on medium speed for 2 minutes. Grease and Flour 13×9 inch pan. Spread batter into pan.
Mix dry filling ingredients. Sprinkle over cake batter. Drizzle honey over those. Pull a knife through batter to swirl filling into it. Bake at 350 for 35 to 40 minutes or until tests done.
Sift confectioners sugar. Mix all glaze ingredients together. Drizzle over warm cake.

So what are you doing to stay warm? I say get under a blanket, get a warm beverage and check out some fabulous blogs..... DeeDee at d dzine has Art Work Friday going on. Etiquette with Miss Janice is one I really enjoy. I am new to Southern Hospitality but am really enjoying it. I have joined Stonegable in her eating from the freezer/pantry challenge. So I am staying warm and busy. Tell me about your blog or ones that you really enjoy.


  1. Oh this looks yummy! I wish I had a piece right now! I like all the blogs you like...I guess we are two peas in a pod!

  2. OK, I official have to make this cake cause DH saw it and said..hummm yummy. Now since I am on my Weight lose plan, I can't eat it but I guess I can do like you and pass it on to for the recipe and for the other blogs, I must check them out especially Stonegable and check out her freezer/pantry challenge.

  3. Oh that cake looks so good! Not that I need it mind you. I am staying warm and reading Blogs and taking some photos today. We got a little snow up here near Atlanta...I'll post them later this afternoon. Nothing much but still exciting to have snow in Georgia.

  4. Jeanette,
    You never cease to amaze me! I wished I lived close to take care of you the way you take care of others... The cake looks so yummy! I'll have to stock my pantry with the ingredients to make sometime soon! You are so sweet... Dee Dee
    How are the pigs?

  5. That Honey Bun cakes looks devine. Hope the drear and gray turns to sunny skies soon for you. LOTS of sunshine here today...but only -2 and lots of snow. Your cake would hit the spot :)

    Warm Wishes & Blessings!

  6. Looks so good. Looks like you got a little more snow than we did. 19 here now.:(

  7. Oh YUM!! I got my coffee but need a piece of cake ha ha!! Girl I have just started seeing you all over blogland so I came for a visit...Love your blog will add you to my follow list...Now about my favorite blogs I really have way to many to even mention them...You can go to my profile page and see all the ones I think are just great...stop by some time my new found friend....Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  8. Okay, someone better get me a BIG cup of coffee because I plan on having a couple of pieces of this cake!!

  9. That cake looks so good! I bookmarked it to save the recipe! It will be perfect during this cold weather we are having!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  10. We currently have about 9" in our yard! It was a joy to shovel/snowblow last night! (har har)

    That cake looks delicious and I love Pioneer Woman too!

    I'm still wickedly jealous of your piggies! I'm going to have 2 one day, too!

  11. I love cake! I will have to go shopping as soon as the weather gets better.

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, we have fish in the pond. They multiply like crazy and are getting BIG. I just posted about today's big freeze (you saw the Christmas Eve post).

    The pond is amazing this time. I had to go out and make a hole in the ice...come take a look.

  12. Another great recipe...that sounds delicious!!! :)

  13. That cake looks so delicious! Glad to see I'm not the only one thinking about food in January! I'm from GA too and was actually praying for snow. It's so rare, my kids would love to play in it and I would too. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm new too and really enjoying blogging!

  14. Jeanette,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Christmas Tamales. I thought I would pay back the favor and come visit you and lo and behold, you had some delicious cake to share. I might just try making this tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

  15. Wonderful Honey Bun Cake I am sure everyone loved seeing that come their way!!! No snow in my part of the world and I hope it stays that way!

    thanks for stopping by... and TFS

  16. Ooo...that looks so good and I'll bet your house smelled amazing! It was such a sweet thing to share those baked yummies. We are cold and snowed here in Illinois. I keep organizing and napping!


  17. Hi Jeanette, that cake looks divine! And how sweet of you to share it with those in your community! I bet they loved it! I'm going to have try this one!

    We missed the predicted snow Friday, too! Just wet and very cold! ~Hope you are staying warm! hugs, Rhonda :)

  18. I've run across that honey bun cake in it's variations several times. My closest food friend swear by it. Maybe it's time I made it. I just have one fear. I would eat it all!

    Your's looks amazing. Just like a giant honey bun!

  19. Hi! Just found your blog from Dinner at Christina's. It's COLD in Chicago this weekend, in the single digits with lots of snow on the ground, so I've been in the kitchen a lot!

    Your sweet rolls look amazing! I'm going to start reading through some of your recipes and I'll be back.

  20. oh my. what an amazing cake! those wrapped honey buns that come in a box are pretty good, but this would leave those in the dust! all that cinnamon, that gooey glaze. gadzooks. :)

  21. Oh that looks so yummy and so sweet to make and deliver around town. I need to move to Georgia I think. We still don't have water and now our landlords hot water heater is on the blink so no showers tonight. My patience is tested. But hopefully tomorrow we will thaw out some. Thanks btw for coming by and visiting my blog yesterday.
    I hope your Sunday is Blessed,
    p.s. oh it won't let me sign in again. You came over to I have two blogs. Come see me at My Journey

  22. I made this Christmas morning and it was sooooo good.

  23. Oh my, that cake looks so very good. I think I may have to try that soon. Thanks.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  24. Oh, wow!! You had me at hello. This looks totally AMAZING. Thanks for posting it.


  25. I want to try this! Sounds yummy!

    Good luck with your decision! Not sure what it is, don't know if I missed something or not. ??


  26. yum, my husband would love this. good luck with all the exciting things you're facing lately. and congrats on making a decision!