Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am so grateful for...........

Cameras, silly huh? I am joining Heidi over at Heart and Home

We are sharing simple things that we are thankful for. I am so grateful for my blogger
friends that come by to visit and email. I decided I wanted to be grateful for a 'thing',
It was fun today looking at things that I am grateful for. I would
decide and then think no I am more grateful for this or that. The one common denominator was that I kept looking for images of whatever I decided
was what I was grateful for that minute. Beautiful images of lovely things.
I have never been the picture taker in the family. As far back as I can remember
I would say, I don't need a picture......I have a memory bank.
Well anyone that is in my age bracket knows that at 50
the withdrawals at the memory bank often come back
marked insuffiecient memory.
I am also grateful that my dear husband would take pictures anyway.
That is why when my memory bank is dry, I have many memory books.
Thank you Doug, I treasure our memories made with a
Stop for a moment and think of some small silly thing that you are grateful for.
Then go visit Heidi Here
Wait, come on now......before you go check out her blog http://heidi-heartandhome.blogspot.com/
Please leave me a comment telling me what you are grateful for
this Wednesday.


  1. I'm grateful for the internet, to meet all these wonderful people. Another little thing, the snickers mini bar I'm gonna eat in just a minute. :)

  2. The one small thing that I'm grateful for is the defroster on my car - we don't have a garage and I hate to scrape the windshield!

    Wishing you a wonderful day!

  3. Peanut butter:)

    I think picking your camera was a good choice. I'm in that age bracket...I get it!


  4. Today I'm thankful for a warm home and family. My heart was broken today as I came across a family living out of their almost broken down van. Of course my list could go on and on, and always include dear blog friends like you! Dee Dee

  5. I am grateful for all the new friends we're making in Blogland! Hi Jeanette! Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a sweet comment. I wish I were closer and could help, but I would think that by asking around you could get some names to interview for your design job. Or try posting some pics on your blog-you may get more help than you bargained for!
    xoxo Pattie

  6. Everynight I thank God for another day,; another day to share, to love, to catch up - you get it.

    Check out a Mr. Auntnette post over on our favorite board.


  7. I agree, the camera is the perfect thing to be thankful for. I take pictures everyday...tons of picture cause I love having the memories...even if I do lose them on the puter....lol..

  8. HI Jeanette,
    I'm thankful for you! Thanks for joining in my first party, I really appreciate the support.
    I know what you mean about picture memories - I have over 20 huge photo albums stuffed full of all the good times. The girls and I just love to sit and look through them together. It's a wonderful way to recount all our blessings and great times spent together.
    Have a terrific week.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  9. Jeanette,
    I am thankful for sweet blogging friends like you! I love your posts.
    Blessings and Hugs,

  10. My heart overflows with thanks everyday that I wake. I am such a blessed woman. My Savior and Lord, Jesus has bestored more blessings on me than I can count. A faithful husband that is my best friends, 3 precious children, friends (blogging and face to face) that are irreplacable, and an extended family that is truly so precious. Indeed, God is good!

  11. Hi Jeanette!

    I am in the party too!

    I am thankful for GRACE in the Universe. Without it I's be sunk....

    Thanks for your sweet post!

    love, kelee at www.katillacshack.com

  12. Jeanette, I'm thankful for you being one of my blogging buddies. Being over 50, I too, am grateful for cameras and the old video camera where I took lots of video of my kids when they were young. Rosie

  13. Hi Jeanette,
    I joined Heidi's party too! I'm thankful that tomorrow I will be 56 and still in good health. I'm grateful that my BFF shares my birthday and for her continued health. I'm also grateful for bloggy friends like you who are so nice to stop by and visit and leave a comment or two. Happy Grateful Wednesday! -Delores

  14. Thank you for your sweet visit Jeanette!

    I'm grateful for my bloggy friends like you!
    ~Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  15. What a great idea and fun thing to be thankful for! You are such a sweetheart, and I am thankful that we are friends.


  16. Darling I stumbled upon your blog and find it so cozy and warm, a little bit of everything brought together so beautifully.

    Love & Hugs, Your new follower