Saturday, February 6, 2010


Welcome my fellow blogger friends. I have such an exciting post today. The above picture is my husband and his daughter at a local hockey game. The reason it is exciting is this. She lives in Texas, we live in Georgia. She called me Monday with a wonderful idea. She was going to drive to Georgia and surprise him. Talk about an exciting week. We planned a surprise 50th birthday party and huge visit from her and grandson Remi!

The hardest part was keeping it a secret. Especially when he would say, Jeanette why do you want to do that? It is crazy. It was all worth it when she walked in the door holding the baby. He could only cry and scream NO WAY, NO WAY!

Back to the picture. While they are watching a hockey game, guess what I am doing? YUP. Babysitting Remi. Fun does not begin to describe it. He is so beautiful. I do not know how to do the whole picture thing so this is an old one

When I get the pictures from the party I will post them. But I have a favor to ask. What should he call me? Nanny, Omi, Mannette? (Mannette is a nickname a precious one gave me).

Your opinions count to me, whatcha think?



  1. Happy Birthday to your husband! Remi is too cute! Mannette is adorable if he can say it! It's my favorite...different!

  2. Remi is adorable and you are going to have to learn the "picture taking" thing.

    Whatever he calls you I know you will melt each time you hear it.

    You are blessed - oh and Remi's Mom is beautiful.

    Happy Birthday Doug.

  3. What a wonderful surprise for your hubby. Hearing about it just made me smile so big. I'll bet he calls you Momette. Rosie

  4. Gosh! Remi's so cute. Enjoy your time with him :)

  5. What a wonderful surprise. I know your DH was shocked. I don't know what to tell you as to what Remi should call you, my Grands call their other Granny, J-momma.
    I like Mannette...
    But like Sylvia said what ever he calls you will be perfect.

  6. Happy Birthday Doug!
    What a lovely surprise! What a beautiful grandson... I'm sure whatever he calls you will be perfect to your ears! I do like Mannette... how sweet the sound! I hope your visit is a memory to treasure!
    Dee Dee

  7. Jeanette:

    As darling as that boy is, I'd say he can call you whatever he likes.

    When our daughter was expecting her first, I was a young forty-six. I said, "No baby is going to call me Grandma--I'm too young for that." That attitude lasted about two whole days. All three of my beautiful grandkids call me Grandma or Grandma Jeanette. I love the name "Jeanette." It means "God's gracious gift."

    I also like Mannette, or Mimi, or Grams.

    Your blog is inspiring!

    Audience of ONE

  8. I am simply "grandma". It is what my son calls my mom and they are very close. So, he asked us to be grandma and grandpa rather than a "cute" name. It was a bit hard to get used to...but, it is okay now and so cute when they say it. (They are 1 and 3)

    What a wonderful surprise for your husband!

  9. A great birthday surprise. Yeah! If you like Mannette, try that, but I guarantee you, whatever comes from his mouth will stick. :)

  10. My parents were doing the same thing today...enjoying time with the grandkids. It makes them so happy! Mannette is unique and cool!

  11. Happy Birthday to your hubby! What a great surprise that must have been. Little Remi is adorable. I think Mannette would be a good name for you.

  12. What a wonderful Birthday surprise for your husband.