Thursday, February 18, 2010

Your suggestions or ideas please

I have been searching the Internet for weeks for something and had a light bulb moment today! With all you wonderful blogger friends out there I know I can get the answer to my dilemma. Just a little background, my wonderful husband and I have lived in this home since 1990. Well except for a few years when we went insane! We moved to Chicago. On purpose. Now no offense to those wonderful folks because we met some great people but it is COLD there.

My hubby took a job there, we put our home up for sale. We sold most everything we owned and moved to start a new life there. Well, our home did not sell. My husband lost his job. We have had a very difficult past few years.

Since we were paying for our home in Georgia anyway, we moved back. After a year of job searching hubby has taken a job in Saudi Arabia and now we get to my question.

Those years on the market and neglect took a toll on the house. We do not have much furniture and decorations. Due to a traffic accident I have a brain injury that effects my perception so I need help with decisions.

I want to hire someone (?) to help me get a plan of action. Not a contractor because no major construction is necessary. I want to tell someone my goals, design tastes both inside and out. When you are younger you can do those hit and miss ideas but I want to make definite decisions, have a plan and work it. I thought an online planner but I need in home assistance. I want to plan our landscape with low maintanence ideas, I want to plan classic designs and storage and colors inside our home that will be long enjoyed. I don't want anyone to do any shopping for me. I still love the hunt! How should I tackle this? Hubby and I know it will be about an 18 month to 24 month project since finances are a big factor. I know since I want interior and exterior assistance I will probably need to find different people.



  1. Why don't you take a picture of each area/room you want to update and let everyone give you ideas on what to do? From there decide what you can do yourselves and what you'll need to hire someone for. Hope this helps!

  2. Jeanette,
    I love Tara's idea! I believe that there would be a host of people willing to give their ideas to help! That way you can weigh your options with others to help. If there are things you can't decide on, then I'm sure you can seek professionals to assist with those things! Has Doug taught you how to download photos yet? I'm sure this is a skill you can pick up very easily! I cheering you on!
    Dee Dee

  3. I think the idea of showing photos of the rooms and asking for help is a good one. You could also show photos of rooms you like to get ideas of what you like, styles etc. then once you have some ideas of what you want you can make a plan and get local help as needed.

  4. I've never undertaken such a project, so I have no advice....but I hope you find some good help! :)

  5. I had to re-do my guest bathroom because it was falling apart. It took many many months of tearing pictures out of magazines and searching the internet for inspiration until I finally decided on what I wanted.

    If this will be your forever decor you will need to look through magazines and pictures for inspiration (take a folder for each roon, take a before picture and add your inspriation pictures to them as you go along). You will need to do this with a profesional anyway.

    Don't rush it - it does take time.

  6. Hi Jeanette!

    It can be overwhelming huh? I think if I were in your shoes, I would take one space at a time.

    Take lots of pictures of that space and then post the pictures along with some basic information.

    * what this space is and what it is used for
    * how big it is
    * what you want to "create" in this space
    * and some of your likes and dislikes (colors, styles, budget etc.)

    Then post it and let your readers give their opinions.

    you will start to see looks that appeal to you. And you will see things that don't appeal to you, which is equally important, that will help you narrow down styles.

    Think of it as a fun adventure to create a living space that is all you and tat you love and look forward to spending time in it. So, it shouldn't be fast and instant.

  7. Thank goodness y'all still have your home in Georgia! Tara said it best...get ideas from various contractors and go from there.

  8. I love the idea of posting your pictures online so everyone can help you!

    I do know, though, that you need to be able to actually see what you want the room to look like. Look through magazines or on the internet and find pictures of room with purposes that are silimar to yours, and post those as well.

    Also, since finances are a concern (when are they not?), check out FREECYCLE.ORG. We've used it a lot since we're a young couple just starting out. You can get some great things locally for free (as the name implies), and it makes your project that much greener!

    Good luck!